Beginner Basics

Knit Picks 101

About Our Yarn

About Our Yarn

We have a yarn for any knit or crochet project you can dream up.

About Our Needles

About Our Needles

Learn about our knitting exclusive needles and how to make the most of them.

About Us

About Us

We're knitters, too! Learn more about why we care so much about the products we create.

Knitting Guides

Beginner Basics

Beginner Basics

New to knitting? Start here! We'll cover everything from casting on to binding off, giving everything you need to feel confident tackling your first project.

Blocking Basics

Blocking Basics »

Your guide to an essential but often overlooked step in knitting!

Kitchener Stitch

Kitchener Stitch »

Graft two live rows of stitches together with ease.

About Needle Materials

About Needle Materials »

What material is right for you and your project?

Guide to Sock Knitting

Guide to Sock Knitting »

Everything you need to knit a fabulous pair of socks.

Watch & Learn

How to Knit German Short Rows

How to Knit German Short Rows Video »

What are German Short Rows and why do you need them? Find out in this helpful tutorial!

Introduction to Learning Brioche

Introduction to Learning Brioche Video »

Knit brioche in one color, two colors, and work a brioche double decrease.

Knitting in the Round: Full Class

Knitting in the Round: Full Class Video »

Use various techniques and needle types to knit in the round.

Winding Yarn with a Ball Winder and Swift

Winding Yarn with a Ball Winder and Swift Video »

Ball winders and swifts make winding yarn easy!

Get Inspired

Colorwork Q&A

Podcast Episode 307

Colorwork Q&A - all your questions answered!

Dying Yarn

Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid

DIY Dye! Customize your yarn at home.

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