Wood Needles
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TRY IT Needle Sets - Nickel Plated
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Radiant Straight Needles
$7.99 - $16.99
Sunstruck Straight Needles
$7.99 - $16.99
Majestic Straight Needle Sets
$66.99 - $78.99 $46.89 - $55.29 30% off
Caspian Straight Needle Sets
$66.99 - $78.99 $46.89 - $55.29 30% off
Rainbow Straight Needle Sets
$66.99 - $78.99 $46.89 - $55.29 30% off
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“Wooden” it be nice to try Wood Knitting Needles?

When it comes to needles, wood is a classic choice. Nothing beats the feel of wood needles in your hand when you’re crafting for hours. All of our wood needles are made from lightweight laminated birch wood, giving you a smooth needle with a perfect rounded tip, for working with any and all fibers.

Featuring several stunning colorways, all needle types (straight, fixed circular, interchangeable, and double point), and even two needle styles (standard round needles and our new square needles) we’ve got the right wood needle for any knitting project. Whether you choose glowing Radiant needles with their warm reds and vibrant violets, Caspian needles for their blue and green sea inspired hues, Majestic for the royal purples and blues, or our natural finish Sunstruck for a simple and minimalist effect that is on point, there’s a wood needle for every style of knitter.

Our wood needles are available in a wide range of sizes from size US 0 (2.00mm) in double points, all the way up to US size 17 (12mm) in our interchangeable line.

Why you’ll love wood knitting needles:

  • Strong and smooth laminated birch wood is a lightweight and beautiful edition to any knitting kit
  • Yarn slides easily off your needles
  • Perfect points mean easy knitting with no snags and a "just sharp enough" tip
  • Great for beginners and advanced knitters alike
  • Virtually every size available!

Expert Advice:

  • Wood can be a bit more “grabby” than metal needles - perfect for easy crafting!
  • Choosing which finish to buy can be a tough decision - they’re all so pretty! Many knitters have several colors of wood needles, so they can choose needles with the perfect contrast to their yarn color.