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TRY IT Needle Sets - Stainless Steel
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New to interchangeable needles? Not sure if you prefer Reflections stainless steel or laminated birch wood? Our Try It Needle sets give you the chance to try both our laminated birch wood and Reflections stainless steel interchangeable tips in our most common sizes. This set is handy for knitters who already have an interchangeable needle set but tend to work on multiple projects that require the same common needle sizes. This is also a great gift for new knitters who want to find their favorite needle finish and buy needles that would work with many types of projects and yarn.

Our Reflections stainless steel needles are slick, sleek, and surprisingly lightweight. Reflections needles have 100% stainless steel* needle tips with hollow construction that warms slightly without getting hot, and we didn’t stop there with the steel! The threaded cable joins are also 100% stainless steel and attached to nylon-coated steel cord cables, making this the ideal Options IC set for metal needle lovers. And as always, Reflections stainless steel needles are designed with the same smooth joins and perfect points you've come to expect from Knit Picks needles.

The smooth, burnished surface of our laminated birch needles is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of grip, which works wonders for working with slick fibers like mohair, silk, and angora. Laminated birch can be stained in layers using bright shades to create stunning, colorful needles, or it can be stained in natural colors to highlight the wood. The majority of our birch needles offer the same classic knitting experience in different colors, but we also have Foursquare needles, square needles in laminated birch.

Pro Tip: The sizing of the Knit Picks interchangeable cables refer to the total length achieved when the needles tips are attached to the cables.

Sets Include:
1 pair of Reflections stainless steel needle tips: Size 7 (4.5 mm)
1 pair of birch laminated wood needle tips (assorted): Size 6 (4 mm)
Cables: 2 total (1 each of 24" and 40" lengths)
Accessories: Snapped clear vinyl needle case, 4 cable end caps, and 1 cable key

Looking to expand your interchangeable knitting needle set? We have additional sizes of both needle tips and interchangeable cables available for even more options.

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* The stainless steel used in these needles does contain a minute percentage of nickel, for hardening and rust prevention. However, it does not contain an amount that should elicit nickel contact dermatitis.