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Foursquare Sunstruck Options Interchangeable Needle Tips
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Sunstruck is one of our most popular styles of laminated birch needles, thanks to its light wood stain making it easy to clearly see stitches, and we made our selection of Sunstruck needles even better by combining a popular color with a popular style: Foursquares! These square interchangeable knitting needles have smooth, flat sides that fit perfectly against your fingers, and gently rounded corners offer a comfortable, secure grip. Their unique shape encourages good hand posture, which can minimize the stress on knitters’ hands and help create more consistently even stitches.

Boasting the usual strong and smooth layers of laminated birch and perfect joins, these Foursquare needles show off the golden shades of our Sunstruck needle colorway. The burnished surface delivers just the right amount of grip to easily manage slippery yarns while fitting comfortably in your hands.

Available in US sizes 4-17. Set of two. Needle length is 4 3/4".

Looking to expand your interchangeable knitting needle set? We have additional sizes of both needle tips and interchangeable cables available for even more options.

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Note: Foursquare needles can be sized with our standard View Sizer, so a size 6 Foursquare needle will fit the same hole as a size 6 round needle. Your knitted gauge with Foursquare needles may vary from the same size round needle.

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