About Our Luxury Yarns

With a world of soft cashmere, sensuous silk, and ultra-cozy alpaca to indulge in, it’s no wonder knitters and crocheters alike are often drawn to these prized fibers. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the finer things in life (and craft), then you’re likely already adept at navigating the sometimes intimidating world of luxury yarns and their seemingly endless plush possibilities.

For those of us who may be a little less accustomed to treating our hooks and needles to this level of opulence, we’ll dive in a bit deeper in the hopes of demystifying these fine fibers.

About Our Luxury Yarn

Alpaca & Silk & Mohair—oh my!

With an ever-expanding roster of yarns that can be classified as luxurious, it’s safe to say there is a “fancy fiber” for everyone within the Knit Picks family. The fun is in discovering which is right for you!


Pictured: Alpaca Cloud Fingering Yarn – 100% Superfine Alpaca


Shorn from Peruvian Alpacas, each fiber is hollow which makes it incredibly lightweight, strong, and warm. Alpaca’s greatest feature is that for most wearers, it can be worn next to the skin comfortably and is an alternative to sheep wool yarns. Less expensive than cashmere and with the uncanny strength of mohair, alpaca is a highly popular and functional choice for many knitters and crocheters.


Pictured: Luminance Lace Yarn – 100% Mulberry Silk


Harvested from silk cocoons, the strands are then spun into silk thread and yarn.

Known for its stunning sheen, high strength, and warmth, silk is a beautiful fiber on it's own or when combined with other fibers for luxury blends.

Perfect for strong, fine lace shawls, 100% silk yarn is unparalleled in terms of warmth, strength and shine. Silk adds it's characteristic sheen and lightweight warmth when blended with other fibers for luxury yarns.


Pictured: Aloft Super Kid Mohair – 72% Super Kid Mohair, 28% Silk


A silky fiber that comes from Angora goats, mohair is lustrous, strong, and resilient. Our sole mohair fiber, Aloft, is a dreamy blend of 72% mohair and 28% silk that you will want to knit with again and again (and again!). The silk adds a radiant core that shimmers and shines through the soft halo of the mohair, while adding beautiful drape and texture. Often held double or in tandem with other yarns, Mohair is prized for the halo effect created by the long, airy fibers.


Pictured: Capretta Superwash – 80% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon


Universally renowned for having the softest hand of virtually any fiber, cashmere is the finest choice when it comes to creating the most sophisticated garments and accessories. Our Capra & Capretta Superwash yarns combine a blend of fine Merino wool with cashmere, resulting in a yarn that is as pleasurable to knit with as it is to wear. Available in a DK weight, Capra is a perfect weight for garments & accessories intended to be worn next to the skin. If you think this yarn feels soft in the skein, wait until you hand wash your project. After the yarn blooms, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of Capra!

For finer-gauge knits like socks and shawls, try opting for cushiony-soft Capretta Superwash. This fingering weight yarn, with its blend of Merino and cashmere together with a touch of nylon for strength, is sure to spark love at first stitch. With the added perk of being machine-washable, Capretta is perfect for those special items that you will want to wear all year long. Who says luxury can’t be convenient?

Caring for Natural Fibers

Special Care

As with any natural fiber, special care and consideration need to be given when it comes to care and maintenance. (It is imperative to heed the washing instructions for your chosen yarn!)

We hope this information proves useful and helps to make indulging in luxury yarns that much more enticing (and accessible). Best of luxe to you!

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