Fiber Content: 100% Premium Acrylic
Weight: Worsted Weight
Knitting Gauge: 4.5 - 5 sts = 1" on #7 - 8 needles (4.5mm-5mm)
Crochet Gauge: 11–14 sc = 4'' on I - K hooks (5.5 mm-6.5 mm)
Yards: 218
Grams: 100
Put Up: ball
Care: Machine Washable/Tumble Dry Low

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4.152866 out of 5 stars

Sale! Brava Worsted Yarn

$1.99 - $2.49 100g / ball

Versatility meets affordability; Brava is a 100% acrylic yarn that will keep up with all of life’s adventures! Brava Worsted is a hard-wearing medium weight yarn that works wonders for projects where durability and easy-care is a must. With so much flexibility and a wonderful range of bright and vibrant colors, you will find endless possibilities for Brava Worsted. Make hats and scarves to show support for your favorite sports team, gift baby blankets and garments that new parents are sure to love, or simply use Brava Worsted for your charity projects.
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5 out of 5 stars

Will not buy again-yarn too lightweight for me. Sending back. Wish they had a heavier worsted in acrylic or acrylic blend.

2 out of 5 stars

I have used Brava yarn on several occasions now, and really do NOT like it. It has a sheen to it (similar to Caron Simply Soft), and feels "squeaky" in your hands. There is also a lot of inconsistency in thickness between colors. I purchased 5 colors for a pillow, and certain colors were much thinner than others. Also LOTS of knots throughout skein. It is also nearly impossible to get even looking stitches on plain stockinette. This is an OK yarn for CHEAP projects (toys, etc) where you don't necessarily care about the guage or feel, or if you are knitting a busy texture stitch. For anything else, stay away from it.

4 out of 5 stars

I actually like this yarn, it has it's place and it's a good workhorse yarn. Is it fancy? No. At $2.49 I don't expect it to be fancy. I love hand dyed yarns and even higher priced LYS wool yarns, and I know that this isn't one of those yarns. Really, people. Get a grip. What do you expect for such a low price! What this yarn is excellent for is baby hats and baby blankets. You can get a couple hats out of one skein of yarn and a blanket doesn't cost you $80 to $100 to make like some of the higher priced LYS yarns (this is a true story, I made several baby blankets that cost close to $100, it's just not worth it and I can't always afford to do that). This yarn is soft and it washes up nicely and if the recipient doesn't like it, well I am not out much money. I made a ton of charity baby hats for the pregnancy crisis center and they were super cute and well received. Bravo, Brava!

4 out of 5 stars

Brava is my number one, all-purpose yarn. I've used over half the colors, and have no complaints (although "Seashell" is very neon, as another reviewer put it). It is easy to work with, very soft, and seems to wash well. The only things I dislike are that there seem to be many splices in the yarn, and they're not very neatly done. Also, some of the colors are very shiny, making them inappropriate for men's garments. Fortunately, the ones that come out shiny seem to mostly be the very soft, light colors, which are unlikely to be used for men's clothes anyway. As a note: the color called "Cornflower" is lovely, but inappropriately named. Cornflower blue is much more of a purplish blue.

5 out of 5 stars

I've been using Knitpicks for the better part of 11 years at this point, and have never been disappointed by the quality of the products I receive, especially in regards to quality vs price. Brava Worsted is no exception. I've ordered Brava repeatedly over the years and had fairly consistent good quality. Every once in a while I will receive a skein that is harder to work with than others, but I've never had to throw away a skein. Also, in regards to some of the comments I've seen regarding color on screen vs color in person. I'm careful to make sure my screen is properly white balanced before making purchases like this, and have never had any problems. Screen brightness or newness doesn't really make much of a difference if it's not white balanced properly. I have had one or two colors come off slightly different from what was on screen, but it's never been different enough that it was problematic to my ability to complete a project, and more often than not was a lighting problem on my end. The stitch definition and sheen are fantastic. I'm currently working on a queen size crocheted blanket in 5 colors with Brava Worsted, and it's the perfect weight/thickness, the stitch definition is perfect, it is absolutely beautiful, and is working up fantastically fast for how large a project it is. In fact I love it so much that I've already promised my fiance that once I finish it the next big project will be making him a king size one for our bed. If I had to give one reason why I keep going back to Brava Worsted for my projects year after year, it's because it's probably the softest acrylic yarn that I can find that has such great price per yard. I recommend this project to every new yarn crafter I meet, and will continue to do so in the future.

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