Fiber Content: 100% Merino Wool
Weight: Lace
Knitting Gauge: Lace Weight
Yards: 880
Grams: 100
Put Up: Hank
Care: Hand Wash/Dry Flat

Bare Shadow Lace
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$9.99 - $179.80 $9.99 - $152.80 / 100g hank

Make your own glorious color combinations with this bare 100% Merino lace yarn as a canvas for your creative talents. Hand-dyed yarn is the perfect gift, either in hanks or knit up into statement making accessories.

Use our natural yarns and try dyeing for the first time by following the directions in our Kool-Aid® Dyeing Tutorial, Jacquard® Dye Tutorial. or our Gradated Dyeing Tutorial.

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Bare Shadow
Bare Shadow
SKU: 23794
Bare Shadow Lace - 20 Pack
Bare Shadow Lace - 20 Pack
SKU: 82208
$179.80 $152.80 15% off