Fiber Content: 100% Baby Alpaca
Weight: DK
Knitting Gauge: 6 sts=1" on #3 - 5 needles
Crochet Gauge: 16 - 20 sc = 4" on E-4 - 7 hooks
Yards: 22
Grams: 10
Put Up: Mini Hank
Care: Hand Wash Cold / Lay Flat to Dry
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Andean Treasure DK Mini - Bare
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$1.50 $1.20 / 10g mini hank

These small, undyed mini-hanks allow you to try out new fibers for a fraction of the price. The low yardage makes them ideal for whipping up swatches or for testing out your DIY dye experiments, without committing your time or wallet to a full-size skein.

Made from Baby Alpaca fibers (one of the finest classifications of alpaca), Andean Treasure is an ultra-soft DK-weight yarn that feels luxurious when worn next to your skin. The softness is irresistible—count the number of hugs you get when wearing a sweater in Andean Treasure vs. other sweaters, and this one will win, hands down! Excellent for items that are worn close to you—scarves, vests, legwarmers, pullovers, and even mittens. Plus, it's feltable.

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Based on customer feedback, we’ve reclassified Andean Treasure as a DK Weight yarn. Previously we listed it as sport weight, and current labels reflect that. In the future, the label will be updated to reflect the reclassification, but the hank will continue to have the same yards per gram as it currently does.

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Bare Andean Treasure - 10gm Mini Hank
Bare Andean Treasure - 10gm Mini Hank
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