Accessories » New » Troubleshooting Gauge Tool
Accessories » New » Troubleshooting Gauge Tool

Troubleshooting Gauge Tool
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Knit the perfect gauge swatches every time with the help of the Knit Picks exclusive Troubleshooting Gauge Tool! At the top of the tool is a cut-in 4” ruler with a deeper notch cut in at the 2” mark to help you focus on the stitches or rows that are being counted. At the bottom is a straight 8” ruler for measuring a larger area. One side of the tool has tips for knitting an accurate swatch, and the other side has tips for what to do if you didn’t get gauge. If you’ve ever struggled to remember if you need to go up or down a needle size to get fewer stitches per inch, this is the tool to keep on hand! 

Item no. N1315