Needles » Interchangeable Needle Bundles » Sunstruck Interchangeable Needle Bundle
Needles » Interchangeable Needle Bundles » Sunstruck Interchangeable Needle Bundle

Sunstruck Interchangeable Needle Bundle
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Never find yourself missing an essential needle with the Sunstruck Interchangeable Needle Bundle. This bundle assembles the dream team of short-tip ICs with matching full-length IC needles! A blond twist on our ever-popular wood needles, Sunstruck's golden layers of laminated birch allow every stitch to be beautifully displayed on a sun-kissed finish. The smooth, burnished surface of Sunstruck needles is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of grip, which works wonders for working with slick fibers like mohair, silk, and angora. Featuring smooth joins, perfectly tapered tips, and flexible cables, these needles will quickly become your favorites!

These two sets include US 4-10 short-tip IC needles and US 4-11 full-length IC needles. Each IC set is neatly packaged in a vinyl case with snaps and extra pockets that are filled with a selection of cables, cable connectors, end caps, and cable keys. With the exception of the 16” cables, all accessories can be used interchangeably with tips from the opposite set.

Sunstruck Options Short Interchangeable Circular Set
Sunstruck Options Interchangeable Circular Set: Green Cables

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