New » Pine Wood Yarn Bowl
Medium: Pine Wood
Size: 5" diameter (opening) x 3.5" high, 12 oz
Vendor: Knit Picks Design Team
New » Pine Wood Yarn Bowl

Pine Wood Yarn Bowl
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Place your yarn in this lovely pine yarn bowl and keep it from running away. A spiral cutout holds your working yarn securely, and the spherical shape helps keep the ball inside with a pleasing, organic form. Two pieces of pine are stacked and finished with a clear stain to allow the natural wood grain to create zigzags, chevrons, or stripes where they meet, with each bowl having a unique look.

This is a tapered bowl with an opening diameter of 5 inches and a middle bowl diameter of 6 inches.

Note: Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each item may slightly vary
Item no. 86315

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