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Accessories » Yarn Dyes » Indigo Dye Kit

Indigo Dye Kit
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This kit makes natural dyeing with indigo quick and easy! The Jacquard Indigo Dye kit uses pre-reduced indigo, so you only soak your yarn in the indigo mixture for a few minutes. When you take your yarn out of the dye bath, it oxidizes and the color changes from green to blue! To create a deeper blue color, dip your yarn in the dye bath again. Dye your yarn a solid color, or create patterns such as an ombre or tie dyed effect. You can dye 5 pounds of yarn or fabric with the dye included in this kit. This dye works on both plant and animal fibers. The Jacquard Indigo Dye kit contains indigo dye, a reducing agent, 1 pair of gloves, wood pieces, 2 sizes of rubber bands, and an instruction booklet.

To learn more about the process download the manufacture's instructions: Indigo Kit Instructions
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