Revised 2/16/2016

In the Medallion Chart, round 21, the last 15 sts should be 2/2 RPC, 2/2 LPC, 2/2 RPC, p3.

In the Cable Panel chart, row 25 should be P3, 2/1 RPC, 2/2 LPC, p1, 2/2 RPC, 2/1 LPC, p3.

In the legend, two cable symbols and definitions weren't included. They are:

2/1 LPC: Sl 2 sts to CN and hold in front of work, P1, K2 from CN.

2/1 RPC: Sl 1 st to CN and hold in back of work, K2, P1 from CN.

Revised 3/7/2016

Medallion chart: Rnd 8, stitches 24, 25, 27, 28 (the 1/1 cables on the previous round) should be knit, not purl.

Cable Panel Chart: Rows 22 and 24, stitch #18 should be purl

In the Legend, in the far right column, the third stitch from the bottom is 2/2 LPC not 2/2 RPC

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Revised 7/22/2016

In the chart legend, the instructions for the purl stitch should read RS: purl stitch, WS: knit stitch. The instructions for the knit stitch should read: RS: knit stitch, WS: purl stitch.

Revised 9/6/2017
Chart Legend:
2/2 RPC
sl2 to CN, hold in back. k2, p2 from CN

2/2 LPC
sl 2 to CN, hold in front. p2, k2 from CN