Static » Complete Static Value Pack
Static » Complete Static Value Pack

Complete Static Value Pack
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Sample our newest Static Sock Yarn offerings with this limited edition pack!

Precision dyed in a repeating pattern of stripes and speckles, these vibrant colors are designed to be a delight to wear and knit. As with all of our limited-edition yarns, these colors won't be around forever! Once these hues sell out, we'll bring in new, equally fantastic kick-off-your-shoes-worthy skeins.

Value Pack contains:

  • 9 hanks of Static yarn (1 each of Cabot Cove, The Max, Hanley, Vyvyan, Lasagna Cat, Gummiberry, Pizza Party, Strawberryland, and Unsolved)
  • Total Yardage: 3,933
Item no. N2807