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Windward: Cable Collection eBook


Along the gale-scoured shores of the Outer Hebrides or in blustery urban canyons, cabling provides that extra protection you need when you're headed into the wind. These patterns are as far from the Aran pullover as that "traditional" sweater is beyond the functional ganseys it evolved from, but they all participate in the same craft lineage.

Part of the appeal of knitting is that form and function come together so seamlessly, and cables are the perfect blend of substance and style. Braided, wandering cables may have started out as a way to fortify a sweater for the rigors of the sea, but no crafter, even centuries past, works only to the satisfaction of practicality. The patterns we've gathered here are only the latest results of that universal compulsion not just to optimize, but also beautify.

A rocky coast, dramatically overcast, with a brisk and surf-laden breeze, can be as inviting as a fireside with the proper attire. A perfect blending of form and function, cables have long been fortifying knitters against the sea, and these 16 intricately cabled patterns will have you snug and styling for all of your journeys Windward.
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