Patterns » Big Sale eBooks » Burnished: 2014 Fall Collection eBook
Patterns » Big Sale eBooks » Burnished: 2014 Fall Collection eBook

Burnished: 2014 Fall Collection eBook
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Fall is a time for turning inward. We trade the warm days outside for crisp mornings and chilly evenings, adding layers to summer garments in a time of transition. Fall is for anticipating the cold days when we will reach for the thickest garments in our closets as we remember the summer past and anticipate the coming cold of winter. In Fall, our knitting baskets will be brimming with projects to suit the temperatures of each passing day.

Burnished is a collection of garments that make Fall such an exciting time for a knitter. From bold colorwork scarves and sweaters, to deliciously cabled and textured dresses and cardigans perfect for layering, there is something in this collection to satisfy every cool weather connoisseur. Whether you're looking for a challenge or want a simple and cozy knit, there are pieces in Burnished that every knitter will want to both knit and wear often, as the cooler weather sets in.
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Author: Edited by Knit Picks Staff
Binding: eBook
Pages: 16 Projects - 113 Pages