Chart Tools

Keep track of your knitting pattern instructions so you can concentrate on the yarn and needles. Magnetic chart keepers, magnifiers, row counters, stitch markers; the little things make a big difference.

Chart Tools

Color Grid
Color Grid by The Kangaroo Dyer $7.95

Yarn Valet stitcher's GPS
Yarn Valet stitcher's GPS by Prym-Dritz $3.99 AVAILABLE SOON

Knitting Bobbins - 6 piece
Knitting Bobbins - 6 piece by Clover Needlecraft $4.75 $3.80

Yarn Guide
Yarn Guide by Clover Needlecraft $3.50 $2.80

Yarn Stranding Guide
Yarn Stranding Guide by Knit Picks $1.19

Wire Yarn Stranding Guide
Wire Yarn Stranding Guide by Knit Picks $1.19

Knitting Yarn Bobbins
Knitting Yarn Bobbins by Knit Picks $3.49

Knitting Chart Keeper
Knitting Chart Keeper by Knit Picks $14.99