Fiber Content: 100% Mulberry Silk
Weight: Lace
Knitting Gauge: Lace Weight
Crochet Gauge: Lace Weight
Yards: 436
Grams: 50
Put Up: Hank
Care: Hand Wash/Dry Flat

Luminance Hand Painted
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$16.99 $11.89 / 50g hank
Taking your luxury knitting to a whole new level, the decadence of 100% silk lace gets an upgrade with these hand painted masterpieces. All the superior sheen and excellent drape of Luminance, now with curated color combinations of mutual tones and analogous hues meticulously dyed by hand. Carefully chosen for visual interest without too much contrast, the colors bring breadth and character without overpowering delicate designs. With rich neutrals, full jewel-tones, and colors as vivid as only Luminance can provide, bring new life to your lace with the glamour and allure of hand painted yarn.

Please note: As a hand painted yarn, colors may vary from skein to skein.
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