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Wild Mittens and Unruly Socks
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Stranded knitting can be a little intimidating, but all knitters already have the ingredients they need to succeed: a few colors they love, a set of needles, and the courage to give it a try—plus, of course, a quick, fun pattern they just can't put down! Review some of the basic techniques of working with multiple colors to help you find your footing, and then get ready–get set–and go wild! With fierce tigers, brilliant peonies, looming giraffes, cute Chihuahuas, and creeping jellyfish, this collection of over twenty different stranded patterns for socks and mittens is bursting with inspiration. It's the most fun you've ever had with your knitting needles!
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Author: Lumi Karmitsa
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 22 Patterns, 128 Pages