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Books » Viking Patterns for Knitting

Viking Patterns for Knitting
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Viking Patterns for Knitting is the result of years of research by Swedish knitwear designer Elsebeth Lavold, who explored patterns of ornamentation found on Viking artifacts, such as swords, buckles, combs, and rune stones. Now, by means of clever knitting innovation (which makes it possible to start a knitted knot in the middle of a sweater), she has adapted these richly intricate knots and braids into gorgeous, fully modern garment designs. The 14 Knitting projects include a hooded sweater with interlaced half-hitches; a cardigan with delicate figure-eight knots; an elegant tunic with serpentine ropework; and father-and-son pullovers inspired by rune stones. Sixty motifs are clearly presented in pictures, text, and charts, including the entire runic alphabet and a striking collections of Viking artifacts. Viking Patterns for Knitting is an adventure in Nordic forms with roots a thousand years deep.
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Author: Elsebeth Lavold
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 14 Projects - 128 Pages