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Total Knitting Tote
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Want to be hip and knit at the same time? (Of course, you already are hip(!), but these bags make both the hipness and the knitting easily portable.) Soft, brightly colored ultrasuede - choose from Lime, French Blue and Chocolate; all have a fun polka dotted nylon lining. The interior of the bag is covered with pockets all the way around, so there is plenty of room to stash all your necessary tools plus some extras. This bag could easily hold standard purse necessities as well, thus reducing the number of bags you need to carry around. Double-tabbed zippers make for speedy opening and closing. Four metal feet on the bottom.

Bag Size: 12.75” L x 8” W x 9.25” H
The main compartment has two large (4 ½” x 5” each) and four small (2 ½” x 3” each) elasticized pockets and a zippered, vinyl takeaway pouch (6" x 9").
The side zippered compartment has 14 elastic loops for storage of needles and tools and a full zippered mesh pocket (9 ½” x 7 ½”).
Handles: 9" high

Please note - each bag comes with a rigid middle divider that has the hook side of hook and loop tape on it. We know how damaging this can be to treasured yarn. We highly recommend removing this divider, providing a snag-free interior surface (and actually a lot more room!) to safely hold your projects.
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