Patterns » Big Sale eBooks » The Sweater Book eBook
Patterns » Big Sale eBooks » The Sweater Book eBook

The Sweater Book eBook
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Ever want to swap elements of a garment and change up a sweater pattern, but you're not quite sure if it would work? Hilary Smith Callis makes it easy in "The Sweater Book", a unique set of four patterns with interchangeable parts. Pick the garment that's closest to the style you want and then customize it by adding sleeves of various lengths, a different neckline, or waist shaping to fit your body, exactly. You'll use "The Sweater Book" over and over again, making garments you'll love, because they're exactly to your specifications. "The Sweater Book" takes you on a knitting adventure that can be different every time you cast on!

The patterns in The Sweater Book include:
Item no. 75208D
Author: Hilary Smith Callis
Binding: eBook
Pages: 4 Projects - 33 Pages