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The Big 3 Knitting Techniques
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Here’s a pattern treasure chest that you can dive into and come up with lots of choice for creating your own totally unique garments!

Hats, mittens, vests, and sweaters … everything becomes extra special with patterning. In this longed-for book, you will learn how to use three different pattern techniques: relief stitch patterns, slip-stitch patterns, and two-color stranded knitting. With 30 garments to inspire you, the book also offers more than 80 knitted pattern swatches paired with easy-to-follow charts. In addition, you’ll also find knitting instructions for some basic models. You can knit pullover and buttoned vests, cardigans, caps, mittens … everything with the pattern designs you like best!

Ann-Mari Nilsson is a well-recognized designer who, through the years, has designed many pattern-knitted garments. In Japan she is a knitting rock star and not just in books, but even on television programs and at exhibitions. The Big 3 Knitting Techniques is Ann-Mari Nilsson’s fourth book published by the Swedish Handcraft Association. Her distinctive style makes everyone happy.
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Author: Ann-Mari Nilsson
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 128 Pages