Patterns » Sweetheart Lace Scarf Pattern
Patterns » Sweetheart Lace Scarf

Sweetheart Lace Scarf
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Does the pattern represent Cupid's arrow? Or the lover's heart? It depends on where you look! This stockinette-based lace scarf finishes with a flurry of ruffles knitted onto the narrow ends. The crisp merino wool and silk blend yarn is easy to work with and provides wonderful stitch and pattern definition.
Historical note: The pretty panel was adapted from one of the design elements in a lace edging from the late 1900's. The swatch I worked with, knitted of crochet cotton on fine steel wires, measures only 1 x 1 ΒΌ inches.
Skill level: advanced beginner to lace knitting who can follow a chart incorporating yo; k2tog; sl1, k1, psso; sl1, k2, psso; p-tbl. New techniques might be the provisional cast-on, removing the waste yarn, and the picking up of live stitches