Accessories » Single Pack 12" Green Cables (for short tips)
Accessories » Single Pack 12" Green Cables (for short tips)

Single Pack 12" Green Cables (for short tips)
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These cables are good for endless bindoffs.

The smooth cable join lets your stitches slide around your knitting needles with no snags while the long threaded join ensures that your cables and knitting needle tips stay securely in place.
Additionally, the flexible green cable has very little memory so you can start knitting immediately. Simply unscrew the needle tips and screw on the cable caps to keep your knitting safe when your needle tips are required elsewhere. Lace knitters will love that they can tie a piece of scrap yarn through the tiny hole in the cable end (used for the tightening key) and thread a lifeline through their lacework at regular intervals while they are knitting. View the entire Options Interchangeable Knitting Needle family.
Learn more about Knit Picks Options Needles. Includes one 12" cable, 2 end caps and one cable key.
The sizing of the Knit Picks interchangeable cables refer to the total length achieved when the needles tips are attached to the cables.
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