Accessories » Secret Garden Travel Bag
Medium: 70% Cotton / 30% Linen
Size: 11.5 in x 15 in
Accessories » Secret Garden Travel Bag

Secret Garden Travel Bag
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Discover a mysterious world of playful creatures and fantastical foliage. Birds rest quietly among shrubs as felines, reptiles and rabbits bound through the underbrush. Lively paint illustrates budding blooms, flourishing vines and a curious mix of critters in a hidden land. The multipurpose bag is equipped with a hanging loop and secure stopper to keep your items pleasantly in place. Fill it with project essentials such as an interchangeable needle set, a few skeins of yarn and your favorite notions for after a long day of sight-seeing.

70% Cotton / 30% Linen
Item no. 83106

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