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Reflections Options Interchangeable Needle Tips
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With individual pairs of Reflections needle tips, add some extra tips in your favorite sizes to your Options IC Set, or create your own custom set with just your most-used needle sizes!

Our stainless steel needles are slick, sleek, and surprisingly lightweight. Reflections needles have 100% stainless steel* needle tips with hollow construction that warms slightly without getting hot. Pair them with our new green cables with stainless steel threaded joins—sold separately—to get the full stainless steel knitting experience.

Needle tip length is 4-3/4". Available in US sizes 4-15. Set of two.

Looking to expand your interchangeable knitting needle set? We have additional sizes of both needle tips and interchangeable cables available for even more options.

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Note: While all of the Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Needles will fit on the shorter cables, we strongly recommend not using the longer tips on these cables—the circumference will not measure 16" and your needles can bend or break.

* The stainless steel used in these needles does contain a minute percentage of nickel, for hardening and rust prevention. However, it does not contain an amount that should elicit nickel contact dermatitis.

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