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Kits » Rainbow Alpaca Cloud Sampler

Rainbow Alpaca Cloud Sampler
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With the vast array of new Alpaca Cloud Lace Yarn colors, we couldn't help but line them up to make the most spectacular rainbow ever. This sampler contains 1 full skein each of 17 colors: Sophia, Blossom Heather, Rose, Jo, Cecilia, Sir Walter, Daisy, Stella, Penelope, Elise, Wonderland Heather, Margaret, Maryanne, Frances, Darcy, Catherine, and Violet. Imagine the individual projects you could make! Combine them in one project, and you're sure to find the pot of gold at the end.

Yarn info: Alpaca Cloud - Lace weight; 100% Baby Alpaca; 440 yards, 50 gram hank
Item no. 42229

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