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Pin Loom Weaving To Go
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Step-by-step instructions for 25 projects you’ll be amazed were made from pin loom weavings!

Pin looms are hot! These palm-sized weaving looms go anywhere and make just about anything you can imagine, from fashionable wrist cuffs to full-sized blankets. Just drop a pin loom in your project bag with a ball of yarn and you are on your way to fast, fun weaving.

Margaret Stump, author of the original Pin Loom Weaving, has outdone herself with the 25 designs in this new book. There are elegant wraps, a fun fox bag, an American flag blanket, pillows, pins, stylish scarves, and more--all in a modern style that says "hand crafted with pride."

With beginning weavers in mind, Margaret first walks you through how to weave on a 2" and 4" loom. Once you know how to make a basic square and connect your pieces, you are well on your way to making any of the projects in this book. The book divides projects into those that use a 2", 4", adjustable fine-gauge, and even a pot holder loom, and those that combine pieces from different looms, so it is easy to find a project and get started.
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Author: Stump, Margaret
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 30 Projects, 114 Pages