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4 out of 5 stars

This cardigan is beautiful. Fairisle knitting is always a challenge, but this pattern was well written and easy to follow for an experienced knitter. Sizing for the small was done well, although the shoulders are a little tight so I hope they stretch out a bit with wearing. Also, wearing it fully buttoned would probably be uncomfortable. For the small pattern, yarn amounts were adequate, although I was dangerously close to running out of the coral color. If you choose to purchase as written, be conservative with your "ends" and try not to waste any yarn. I only choose to make one modification as the pattern progressed, but I finished the interior hem with a "sandwich" style hem to match with the sleeve and bottom hem. Lastly, I used the suggested Palette yarn and colors. Yarn quality and colors were beautiful, although the finished product is a little scratchy. If you are looking for a soft sweater try a different yarn. Haven't hand washed yet, but may try that to soften it up a bit. Overall, I was very pleased with the pattern and am excited to have this beautiful cardigan for many years to come.