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4 out of 5 stars

Lovely pattern. Well written and easy to understand. I am almost finished with the first glove and it knitted up beautifully in the colors that I chose to use. The only reason I didn't give the pattern an Excellent rating is because it calls for a size 1 needle then says to go up or down in needle size to change the size of the gloves. I started one with the size 1 needle and it was too large for my hands, and I have pretty large hands. I started over using a size 0 as my daughter has smaller hands than I have. Using a size 0 the glove fits me well, but it still might be a little large on my daughter, but I am getting her some silk glove liners that should make the fit of the glove close to perfect. Bottom line is, other than figuring out the size needle for the glove size, it's a very good, easily understood pattern that knits up quickly and beautifully. As a side note, instead of using double point needles I am using the magic loop method and it works great. Especially on the fingers where using double point needles would be like playing pick-up sticks. lol :)