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  • Customer Picks
2 out of 5 stars

The yarn for this is really pretty and knits up nicely, however the pattern can be a nightmare if you try to keep track of the number of stitches that it has listed after each row, as the author tells you that each DS (which is actually 2 stitches) is only counted as one stitch. (Example: After “Short Row 3”, the next instruction is to “Rep Short Row 3 nine times”, then says “38 sts”. However at the end of those repeats you actually have 49 working stitches on the needle, not 38. If you just ignore that number and follow the pattern it seems to work well. At least as far as I have gotten so far. However I really won't know how many TOTAL stitches I should have when I get to the end of this color and start into the next one without being forced to do the math to count the number of DS and subtracting them from how many stitches I actually have. But I guess I will just wing it like I am with ignoring the stitch count that the author has listed for each row and hope it turns out. Trying to count each DS as one for every row is just ridiculous. The pattern designer should have just gone ahead and counted the DS as the two stitches it actually is, and not complicated it by making others do the math.