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5 out of 5 stars

I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it on the cover of the Knit Picks catalog I received at the end of the summer of 20d11. I showed it to my husband and he liked the colors and the flow of the piece, too. My dear father-in-law had had a stroke a couple of years previously and his Parkinson's was advancing rapidly. I had wanted to knit something for him and Mom for quite some time and this pattern and colors just called me to knit this for the two of them. I immediately purchased two kits and set about re vising the pattern to make a rectangle rather than a circular/triangle shaped Pi shawl. The pattern was challenging and I was afraid I was going to run out before I finished certain sections and purchase more of all the colors (not necessary as I still have plenty left over, perfect for me cause I plan to knit the shawl for myself as written!) The color gradience achieved with the stranding of 2 yarns was wonderful and I finished in time to knit even some socks for Christmas that same Autumn. Dad and Mom loved their Prayer Blanket/Throw and he wore it on his lap up until the day he died, 3 months after Christmas. This gift to myself, knitting something so beautiful for two very special people was a blessing. I did not have the difficulties with the pattern the other reviewers write about. I found the written as well as the charts fairly easy to follow. I look for this type pattern when I want to make something extra-special for my projects.

3 out of 5 stars

Review Update I've finished the shawl as instructed. A couple of notes: 1. Snowflakes section: basalt heather only reached row55 2. Snowdrift section: Oregon coast heather only reached row13 3. Icicle section: pearlescent heather only reached row9 I used 18 grams of forest heather, nocturne heather was 48 grams, deep waters tonal was 40 grams, vineyard heather was 7 grams, basalt heather 150 grams, Oregon coast heather was 50 grams, and pearlescent tonal was 75 grams. Was lucky enough to buy twice the amount of yarn for this project, because I was planning to knit two shawls. But with the lack of yarn for the first shawl, I had to use some of the yarn for the second shawl to complete the first. The shawl itself is very pretty, but the yarn amounts are off a bit.

4 out of 5 stars

So this pattern is pretty easy, but since it's easy. You can also get list in it pretty quick. All that being said, the only thing the pattern is missing is the warning about the two strands. This pattern is knitted while holding two strands of yarn, and the pattern only requires single hanks/skeins of yarn. But since you need to hold two strands of the same color at times, it is difficult to navigate, especially with hanks or balls of yarn. I can understand with the skein it would be okay. What I ended up doing, since I ordered the recommended yarn, was put a hank of yarn onto the back of a chair, this way i can work with both ends of the yarn at once. I think it would be best for the yarn to be sold in skeins or to advise people to buy twice the amount of yarn; since you need to wind the hanks into balls, especially it you don't have a skein winder at home.