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1 out of 5 stars

After receiving the yarn for this pattern (one that is the weight called for in this pattern), I cast on and knitted about 10 rows using the size needles given for the largest size pattern. It looks terrible. By using the larger needles it makes the knit too loose and open. Looks nothing like the one pictured, and because it is so loosely knit it would drape poorly. For me the pattern was a waste of money. If you are making one of the smaller sizes it would probably be fine, but the top sizes won't come out looking, or draping, like the one in the picture. If using the larger pattern I would suggest using either a heavier weight yarn (but I'm not sure how well that would work), or if you can convert the changes to added stitches instead of larger needles. Personally I feel that if I am going to go to that much trouble to convert a pattern I certainly don't need to buy the pattern, I could just make one of my own. I'm very disappointed with this pattern. I thought it was a very cute sweater, and I was looking forward to making it. :(

3 out of 5 stars

I just printed out this pattern, and while it was printing I was reading the instructions on my Adobe Reader. I was very surprised to see that instead of the stitch number changing for each size, the needle size changes. (from size 7 the smallest, to size 11 the largest) I don't see how this can possibly retain the look and drape on the larger needles. (which I will be using, since I am not a petite woman. ;) ) Instead of having nice snug stitches, it will have to be a more open, looser knit. Which is not what I was wanting. I ordered the yarn for it also, and will start on the sweater when the yarn arrives, so will see then how it starts to knit up. Hopefully it will still look acceptable, if not I will use the yarn for a different project and save this pattern to maybe use in the future as a gift for someone smaller. I will update my review after I do the swatch.