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I would definitely recommend the Try it set. I just started knitting recently and didn’t really know which type of needles would be best for me. For $20 it is well worth it even if you end up not using one or two of the needle pairs ever again. I knit too tight for the wood needles, but I could have wasted a lot of money figuring that out if I hadn’t bought the try it set first. I tried a cheap-o brand of acrylic circs that I hated so I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Zephyrs. Turns out they are awesome! I will be placing an order today (or tomorrow) for the Zephyr set.

- Nicole H (Ravelry)

5 out of 5 stars

I got these in the mail on Friday 6/14/13 and immediately started using the acrylic needles. LOVE them!! I will be ordering a complete set of these very soon. :)

5 out of 5 stars

Buying this Try it set was very instrumental in helping me to make my choice when buying a interchangeable needle set. I absolutely fell in love with knit picks needles. I bought the Zephyr acrylic set right away, but I love the harmony wood too.