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4.333333 out of 5 stars

TRY IT Needle Set - Caspian Wood and Nickel


Our Try It Needle set gives you the chance to try both our wood and nickel plated interchangeable tips, in our most common sizes. The Try It Needle Set contains one set of size 6 (4mm) Caspian wood tips, one set of size 7 (4.5mm) Nickel Plated tips, one 24" cable, one 40" cable, four end caps, and one metal tightening key. This set is handy for knitters who already have an interchangeable needle set, but tend to work on multiple projects that require the same common needles sizes. This is also a great gift for new knitters who want to find their favorite needle finish, and buy needles that would work with many types of projects and yarn.

The sizing of the Knit Picks interchangeable cables refer to the total length achieved when the needles tips are attached to the cables.

Item No. 91079
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4 out of 5 stars

I have multiple sets of interchangeables, but I haven't been able to find one that's "perfect" for me. I bought the TRY IT set since it was reasonably priced, and I wouldn't be out a bunch of money if I didn't like them. However, I was extremely pleased with these needles. The Caspian tips are gorgeous to look at and are a dream to knit with. The tips didn't come loose at all while knitting, which is a problem that I have with my Hiya-Hiya set, and the points are incredibly sharp, which is lacking in my Addi Clicks. My only complaint about these needles is that they don't come in a size smaller than a 4! Other than that, they're honestly my favorite interchangeables, and I'm about to invest in the whole set.

5 out of 5 stars

I love these needles! I had to remember to tighten them or they come loose with knitting, but otherwise, EXTREMELY satisfied. The wooden Caspian needles are a gorgeous color and very smooth, no problems knitting with wool. Finished a sweater in a couple weeks with these and very satisfied!!

5 out of 5 stars

These were my first interchangeables, and I am very pleased with them. Well, I absolutely love them, actually. Pros: Wooden: The needles are silky smooth and don't catch the yarn. Their tips are pointy enough to catch hold of smaller stitches. The attached joins are completely flush with the wood and you'll only have a problem with them catching if you have too few stitches and are working in the round. Nickel: Lightning fast to knit with. These points are also pointy enough to get into those tight stitches. I've had a great time working on the ten stitch blanket with these. Cons: Wooden: The only bad part of these needles was the fact that they aren't size 6; they're marked as size 6, but my gauge tool tells me they're both size 5. This isn't really a huge deal if you're tension is looser or you have a whole set and consistently get gauge - you could just go up a size. I have no other needles from this set, and my hat ended up a bit smaller than it was intended. Nickel: The finish of these needles reacts with acidity, so if your hands get sweaty easily or your skin pH is lower, your needles will tarnish a bit. It happens really quickly in my experience - it went from silver to a green-yellow-brown within one day. I did work with them a ton before it happened, though. I've heard some metal polish gets rid of it in minutes - I've yet to try that. Other Attributes: Wooden: Very, very light. Almost weightless, even! They're warm to the touch, so you're not going to have to warm these up in the winter. Nickel: Super weighty, but not particularly heavy. These are colder, but once you get them working they're warmer than the wooden needles. My favorite part about these needles, though - they clink! The needles never detached from the cable as I worked. They never even loosened up. The cables aren't super flexible, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of any other cheap fixed cable I've used.

2 out of 5 stars

I bought this set to try before buying a whole set of circular needles. The metal needles were fine but the join section caught too much for my liking. The caspian needles were a disaster. I started knitting and the gauge seemed smaller than I usally get for that size. When I measured the needle tips on my metal susan bates they were not size but 5. Also the caspian tips came off from the metal body. I immediately called Knit Pick, and since they have excellent customer service, was issued a new set of caspian needles plus a knit picks needle gauge for free. Unfortunately the new needles have once again come off their metal base. I bought a set of Chiagoo circulars instead. I gave this set a fair instead of a poor because of the wonderful customer service KP provides.

5 out of 5 stars

I used both sets of needle tips. Very smooth and very fast knitting. I prefer the CASPIAN to the Nickel, but only on a basis of weight. The nickel are a bit heavy for me. After years of hand crafting I find that my hands are sensitive to such things. Unfortunately, I broke my Caspian needle tips when I fell, 3 days after they arrived. I was sick. The size 6 is the size I use to make dishcloths and really liked how they knit, how they handled the cotton, and further I was able to knit quickly with them. I will have to get more in the future.

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