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“As someone with tendonitis issues, knitting can be painful, especially since I also work at the computer several hours a day. The Zephyrs have flexibility, which helps relieve the stress that is sometimes placed on my hands and wrist. They also warm slightly, something that is also appreciated by my hands.”  Knitting Purls July 2009

“The Zephyrs are smooth and lightweight, and feel very comfortable in my hands. They’re not as slick and fast as KP’s Nickel needles, and are similar in “stickiness” and drag to KP’s Harmony wood needles. Zephyrs will probably be wonderful for getting through airport security without issue, and for teaching kids to knit on…While they won’t replace my love for my super-slick Nickel needles, Zephyrs are an excellent addition to the Knit Picks’ interchangeable collection, and a good value for a very reasonable price.”  Sticks and Strings

“I have a set of Knit Picks Options needles, and a set of Harmony wood tips. They came out with acrylic Zephyr tips, and I had to have those as well. A lot of people despise plastic needles, but they have their place. They are a lot easier on my hands than metal needles, for one thing.”  The Knitting Doctor

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