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3.250000 out of 5 stars

Majestic Wood Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

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3 out of 5 stars

I bought the smaller size 1 (2.25mm) with a 47" cord to do 2 at once socks. My first socks! I'm about halfway through the socks and have a few thoughts. I could definitely see that if you aren't super careful, these needles may break. So far so good, but I don't know if they will last until I finish the socks and in the future, I will only get the nickel version in needles size 3 or smaller. The cord is great with very little memory. While the needles are very pretty, if you prefer to knit with darker/more saturated colors of yarn, as I do, these needles are probably not the best choice for you. There is very little contrast between the needles and the yarn and that can cause issues. If you love to knit light colored things, then these will provide great contrast! I will be trying the sunstruck color for my next wooden needle purchase to help with my contrast issues.

1 out of 5 stars

Purchased 3 of these in different sizes to try along my Addi sock needles. The size 1 needles broke during cast-on and because I hadn’t tried them in the 45-day return period, I’m out of luck there.

1 out of 5 stars

I have really conflicted feelings about these needles. I was gifted a set of these fixed circular needles in each size, and I really love the look and feel of the needles. They're great to work with, until they snap under minimal pressure. I've broken three sets so far, and I was just knitting like usual. It's very frustrating as I love these needles and the sets that have not snapped yet are great. KnitPicks has been great about replacing them at no cost, but the replacements break as well. I will be sticking with metal needles in the future for any needles that are this small.

1 out of 5 stars

Earlier this year I ordered a set (two 24") 2.25 Majestic needles to replace, more or less, a "Rainbow" needle that had splintered down the middle of the tip while knitting a sock. Having read and heard people talk favourably about these needles, I decided to give them a try. However, before I was done with the first sock of a pair using my brand new needles, one of the Majestic needles splintered down the centre, just as the Rainbow needle had. This is extremely disappointing. I have two double pointed sock sets from years ago, back when they first came out and were called "Harmony" as well as various fixed circular needles, with lovely smooth joins and sharp tips - I have never had any problems with any of those needles other than a skin puncture or two but the needles themselves have held up beautifully over years of knitting. I won't be giving up on Knit Picks needles, but instead will stick with the nickel plated Options when needed from here on out. I do appreciate that Knit Picks had been very accommodating and furnished me with a credit for replacement needles when my Rainbows split. Unfortunately, there is a definite difference between the old Harmony needles and the Rainbow needles from the way the finish feels to the point on the tips, to the quality. For my beloved wood needles, I think I just might have to look elsewhere, sadly.

5 out of 5 stars

WOW, brilliant customer service?? I rang from Australia to have a problem with my needles sorted out( had bought 5 in total, but a couple were catching on my yarn, others were lovely and smooth, a joy to use) Lovely helpful customer service lady(sorry I missed your name) had things sorted in a flash and was very pleasant and efficient. Love my majestic circulars,great to know there is such great back up if there is a problem

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