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Chic-a Double Point Needle Case

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1 out of 5 stars

I was excited to get my Chic-a case, until I saw and felt the case - really - vinyl that is extremely stiff. Then I tried to unzip the case, at which time, I found that task to be extremely difficult. I thought, okay, needs to be used a few times and will loosen up. I began putting my DPs in the case, and was again disappointed; the spaces for the needles is extremely tight, to say the least - hopefully they will stretch out. I wish KnitPicks would make their own brand of DP case, as their cases for interchangeables and crochet hooks are fabulous, soft, pliable, easy to get needles in and out of, and at a fraction of the cost of the Chic-a. I thought about sending the Chic-a case back, and I still may, but I figure no more often than what I will be using it, I will cope with the disappointment and difficulty. At least all my DPs are in one case. I truly thought the quality and usability of the case would be so much better than it actually is, particularly for the cost.