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3.571428 out of 5 stars

Caspian Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

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5 out of 5 stars

My goal was to learn to knit and crochet last year. But knitting took over and this year I'm learning to crochet. I bought 2 interchangeable crochet hook in Caspian wood ( L-11/8.0mm and N/P -15/10.0mm) back in November. Wasn't sure which size I needed for my Tusinian crochet. I have trouble trying to get my tension when starting my crochet chain cast on when come to other hook. But these seem to help my tension a little better. I'm enjoy these hook so much that I'd like to try the other crochet hook that are in the same brand. The only problem I see is that some yarn don't pull through as easy as other do. But this might be me because I'm new to crochet. Also these don't hurt my hand like the metal,plastic etc... crochet hook that are out on market and the ones I was given through my great-grandma and a dear friend who are no long with me. I like the fact that size is lable on hook,I just wish the other crochet brand in this style was lable so other who are beginner or long life crocheter wouldn't have to guess what size. I wish this brand come in Harnony,Majestic Foursquare hook. These are great hook for beginners to learn on and to hand down to other later on.

5 out of 5 stars

Yes, the heads are a bit more rounded than some other brands, but I've never felt this was a problem. I absolutely LOVE my interchangeable hooks from Knitpicks for Tunisian crochet in the round! The only thing that could make me love them even more would be if you'd please offer one or two larger sizes beyond the 12-mm, so I could use the bulkier yarns for Tunisian projects. Thank you!

4 out of 5 stars

What wonderful hooks to work with, they get better with use.. As others have stated the head of the hooks are too round, but I was able to fix this by simply using a old nail file to taper the tips. Worked like a charm!

2 out of 5 stars

I do agree with others, tip of the hook is rounded & very hard to pick up the stitches and slows down work. I bought the hook with cable too!!!

2 out of 5 stars

I agree with NatJSP. Tip of the Tunisian crochet hook very poorly made, very hard to pick up yarn. You cannot work fast with this hook.

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