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4.571428 out of 5 stars

6" Rainbow Wood Double Pointed Knitting Needles

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“Quite possibly our new favorite product for this issue is Harmony laminated wood needles by Knit Picks. These colorful needles come in either double points or interchangeable tips to work with Knit Picks’ cables… They are affordable, yet lend an exotic look to the knitting basket.” Knit Together, November 2007 

“Typically, a K2tog or SSK with a small diameter wood needle will make me really nervous. I've broken wood needles, and nothing is more frustrating to this sock knitter than needle breakage. So, the biggest delight for me yesterday was the feeling of the total absence of worry about breakage. Aside from the fact that the needles won't break, the other positive features are the pointy-ness of the needles along with their longer tapered tip (a positive feature for stitch manipulation purposes). I also like the weight of the needles and the fact that the stitches on the needle don't ‘roll’. I definitely enjoy them enough that I'll buy the 2.00mm and the 2.25mm ASAP.” Twisted Knitter, November 2007

"I just received my new Harmony Wood Needle tips and cables. I had read on several sites how nice these needles were.  They didn't exaggerate at all. I have used aluminum, plastic and bamboo needles.  Until today,  I always preferred the bamboo needles.  Today, I am a convert to Harmony Wood needles.  The wood feels fabulous to hold.  The yarn moves along easily.  And they are so lovely and colorful.  I can't wait to replace my others with more Harmony. I am already 1/2 way finished with a new hat since opening the package. Thank you for a great product" Cheryl L., Knit Picks Customer

“Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying my Harmony DPNs and looking forward to my second set. They are pointy enough, warm, lightweight, and haven't warped yet (and I'm hard on my needles!)--probably that lamination thing. The socks just fly!” Melissa G., Knit Picks customer

“I LOVE my Harmony DPNs. They are perfect. Nice and smooth, lightweight and beautiful. Best of all, my yarn doesn’t slip off when I don’t want it to. They are fantastic!!” Joanne K., Knit Picks customer

"I absolutely LOVE your Harmony needles.  The sharp points make them perfect for lace projects.  The texture – ‘feel’ of the needles is great – unlike any other wood needle I have used and us knitters are all about ‘feel’.  Colors are great – another sensory addition to knitting.  Thank you for this fine product." Susan C., Knit Picks Customer

5 out of 5 stars

I love these needles. The older ones had better points, but these are ok. Bought some of the Majestic and they are too dark. The Sunstruck are just blah, as are the Caspian. PLEASE, PLEASE Knit Picks do NOT discontinue the Rainbow needles!!!!

4 out of 5 stars

After writing my previous and positive review on these needles, I used purple fingering yarn to knit a pair of socks and it was very difficult to see the stitches on the dark needles. I still love knitting with these needles but only with light-colored yarn.

5 out of 5 stars

I really enjoy knitting socks with these lightweight needles. The slight resistance from the wood prevented dropped stitches and the lamination creates nice, smooth needles for speedy knitting. I used #1 and #2 DPNS. The pretty colors on the needles is a bonus.

5 out of 5 stars

I love these DPN's! I have always used bamboo until I decided to treat myself to a set of these. They have a lovely weight and balance to them and they just feel nice in my hands. The points are perfect and the yarn glides nicely over them and they don't show any signs of warping, unlike the bamboo needles that warp after one project. It is going to be very hard to go back to the bamboo needles until I get more of these!

5 out of 5 stars

I have knitted several pairs of socks on these needles in size 0. They are the best, most durable needles I've ever used. Wood needles have the perfect balance of attributes for me. They are better than metal for flexibility and slight stickiness, and better than plastic for quality, hand, and lighter stickiness. Not only do they look nice, but they show no signs of warping, splitting, or chipping after many hours of use, unlike some other brands I've tried.

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