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6" Caspian Wood Double Pointed Needles Set


Oceanic waves of sea green, teal and marine ripple across Caspian - the newest addition to the Knit Picks Options family! Adorned with a sea-inspired colors, Caspian boasts the same strong and smooth layers of laminated birch that you know and love.

We have assembled the most common sock knitting sizes and packaged them in this portable, flexible, 6" by 6.5" vinyl case with snap shut closure, making it the perfect gift for sock and mitten knitters who favors wood needles. Each size is neatly labeled on the enclosed packaging so you can see the sizes at a quick glance. Watch the metric sizes - they are more finely tuned than the US sizes.

Set of 6 needles per size.
Set Includes
US Size 0 (2.00mm)
US Size 1 (2.25mm)
US Size 1 (2.50mm)
US Size 2 (2.75mm)
US Size 2 (3.00mm)
US Size 3 (3.25mm)

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0-3 US

Item No. 91014

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4 out of 5 stars

These needles are very nice. I was a little hesitant to purchase because I was worried the laminated layers would come apart. But after using them I am 100 % confident that these needles will last me a very long time. I have noticed that the tips on the smallest 3 sizes are a little blunter than I would prefer, but they work just fine. And this might be me being crazy, but on a few of the needles, it feels like one end is thicker than the other.... most likely just my imagination.

3 out of 5 stars

I want to love these needles. For the most part they are great. However, I have had a couple of the smallest ones break on me, usually the first time I use them. I try to be gentle but they're just too weak! Definitely going to switch to metal. When I can afford to spend the money on yet another set of needles. :-(

5 out of 5 stars

These needles are wonderful to knit with and beautiful to look at, which is a plus. I feel motivated to knit with them. They feel so smooth, but the stitches stay firm, unlike the metal needles where stitches easily slip off. I tried out all the sizes and obviously the 2.0mm are not as sturdy as the thicker needles, but they have not broken during my use. I am not aggressive with them and wouldn't want to be. In my opinion and based on my personal experience, I find them much better to work with than bamboo needles. I definitely want to purchase the circular set and the crochet set. This has been a great investment, especially since I am an active knitter.

5 out of 5 stars

I love these! I am going to order another set in sun struck because I think they will be easier to see darker yarn on. In a different size too because socks are more fiddly with 6 inch needles. They come in sets of six so they give an extra needle if they break. That's much appreciated because I am worried with the 0's I'm using. They have a good amount of flex to them though so they shouldn't break if you learn to be more gentle with them.

5 out of 5 stars

These needles are truly a dream to knit with! Warm, smooth and comfortable in the hand, yarn slips off of them with ease, yet stays put remarkably well! So there is no worry about stitches slipping or unused needles in the round falling out as you are working. The six inch needles are long enough to work with, without being so long as to be unwieldy while knitting your sock, even while doing cables. I did have one needle snap in half as I was using them, but I contacted knitpicks the day after it happened and even though a month had passed since purchase they still replaced the size 3 set for me gladly! Kudos for there excellent customer service and helpful demeanor. You have a very satisfied customer in me who is certain to purchase many more products in the future.

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