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Patterns » Naunet Shrug

Naunet Shrug
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The colors of Felici Dapple inspired this design. The drop stitched garter pattern works perfectly with the gentle transitioning aqua shades to create a fabulous alternative to self-stripping socks (not that any of us could have enough of those). I always like to take the self-striping yarns and create a less linear fabric with them. In this shrug, that is definitely the case substituting clean straight angles for gentle waves of color and space. In as much yarn and it would take to make a wonderfully snuggly pair of thick socks, you can also have a beautifully light and airy warm weather mini-garment.
I was able to get the knitted piece to a rectangle that is 33 inches across and 17 stitches wide. If the intended wearer will need a larger garment, please buy yarn accordingly.