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Mosaic Knitting
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Mosaic knitting is still a relatively new term in the knitter's vocabulary, it describes a novel development in color-knitting technique and a whole new class of patterns. This book contains 313 mosaic patterns, including 116 brand-new, never before seen patterns. The basic technique for mosaic knitting is neither unusual nor excessively demanding, if you know how to knit and you know how to slip a stitch you are ready to work. The first chapter, will tell you exactly how to use every chart in this book. Read this section with needles and yarn in hand and work the example patterns as you go. You will be well prepared to master all the intriguing mosaic patterns throughout this book. Softcover.
313 pattern swatches - 259 pages.
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Author: Barbara Walker
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 313 pattern swatches — 259 pages