Accessories » Miscellaneous » Mini Tool - Yarn Gauge
Medium: Domestic Cherry
Size: 2.5” x 2.5”
Vendor: Katrinkles
Accessories » Miscellaneous » Mini Tool - Yarn Gauge

Mini Tool - Yarn Gauge
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This lightweight, 2.5" square tool is handy to have along, whether you tuck it inside your knitting bag or hang it from the ball chain loop outside for easy access. This tool has grooves to give the user a visual of how thick the yarn is but can also be used as a wraps per inch tool, by wrapping the yarn around the tool, into the 1" slot at the top.
Made in the Katrinkles studio located in Rhode Island from domestic cherry hardwood sourced from the Northeastern United States, the pretty caramel color of the wood really highlights the laser etched details of this essential measurement tool.

Please note: Because this is a natural material, each item may vary slightly.
Item no. 84128

Expected back in stock on 12/8/2022.