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Mini Knitted Farmyard
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More than 40 fun, simple knitting patterns for cute and cuddly farmyard animals and people.

This gorgeous book brings you more than 40 irresistible mini knits for knitters of all abilities. The fun, simple knitting patterns include a whole range of cute little farmyard animals, as well as fields for them to live in, a barn to shelter in, and some farmers to look after them with their own country cottage!

Choose from all your farmyard favorites such as cows, sheep, pigs, donkeys and horses along with chickens, ducks, pheasants and crows. Many of the patterns require only small amounts of readily available yarn, so they are ideal for using up scraps from your stash. The book also contains a useful techniques section, with step-by-step instructions on stuffing and sewing up, creating tails and manes, and the embroidery stitches needed to create the facial features and details.

With a handy foldout template sheet stored in the back of the book, this is all you need to make your very own knitted farmyard.
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Author: Sachiyo Ishii
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 40 Patterns, 112 Pages