Bind Off

The basic bind off is the most commonly used method to finishing off your knitting, especially for beginners. You will also find this commonly abbreviated as BO in patterns. As you work each stitch, you will pass the previous stitch over it and off the needles.

Step 1

Step One

Knit two stitches — knit these stitches more loosely than normal, as it will making working the bind off easier to do, and make for a more stretchy edge on your piece.

Step 2

Step Two

Lift the first knitted stitch with the tip of your left needle, and pass this lifted stitch over the other stitch on the right-hand needle and down off the right needle.

Step 3

Step Three

Let the passed stitch drop off of the end of the left-hand needle, so you have only the 1 worked stitch on the right needle, and 1 stitch has been bound off. This action is sometimes referred to in stitch patterns as PSSO (Pass slipped stitch over).

Step 4

Step Four

Knit the next stitch so that you have two stitches on your right-hand needle again.

Step 5

Step Five

Repeat steps two through four until all stitches have been bound off. Once all stitches are bound off, there will be no remaining stitches on your left-hand needle and one stitch will be remaining on the right-hand needle.

Cut the yarn, making sure to leave a 6-8" yarn tail, and draw this yarn through the last stitch. Gently tug on the end to secure it in place.

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