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At Knit Picks, we work directly with manufacturers to bring you great tools at amazing prices. Our exclusive needle lines were designed by us for you! After all, we're knitters too, and we strive to bring you needles we're as excited to use as we are to sell.

Knitting Needles

Choosing Your Needles

While most needles can be used for various kinds of knitting, many projects will be easier with a specific needle choice. It's important to choose the best needle for your project! Below is a breakdown of needle categories and the projects they're best for.

Interchangeable Circular Needles

The foundation of the modern knitterā€™s toolbox. Mix and match any size knitting needle tip with any cable length, easily creating the perfect circular knitting needle for almost any project!

Great for: Sweaters, Hats, and Blankets

Short Interchangeable Circular Needles

Shorter knitting needle tips and special-length cables designed to make smaller circumference knitting projects easier to manage.

Great for: Sleeves, Hats, and Cowls

Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

Thin knitting needle tips permanently connected to specific-length cables perfect for fine-weight knitting projects.

Great for: Shawl, Socks, and Lace

Double Pointed Knitting Needles

A classic solution to circular knitting and especially small circumferences, these knitting needles feature tapered points at both ends.

Great for: Sleeves, Hat Crowns, and Socks

Straight Knitting Needles

Elegant and simple, tried and true. For basic flat knitting, sometimes the classic methods are best.

Great for: Scarves, Dishcloths, and Seamed Projects

Foursquare Knitting Needles

An ergonomic solution, the smooth, flat sides of these knitting needles offer a comfortable, secure grip.

Great for: Sweaters, Afghans, and Accessories

Pick your favorite material:

Whether you love the waves of color in our beautiful laminated birch wood needles, the luxe tone of Cocobolo wood, or our classic and smooth Nickel Plated needles, we have everything you need to "knit happy!"

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Recommended Accessories

Now that you've found your perfect needles, here are some handy accessories to help get your knitting started!

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