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Knitting Stashbusters
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Every knitter knows that sometimes you have yarn left over after finishing a make—maybe a whole ball, often slightly less than a ball, but either way too much to just throw it away and not enough to return it to the seller. Then there's the yarn you buy without a particular make in mind, just because it's a beautiful color, or you love the feel of it, or it was in a flash sale. But what can you do with all these lovely bits and pieces? Knitting Stashbusters has the answer: 25 lovely projects specially chosen to use up your yarn. Some can be made with one ball, others use up smaller amounts of several different shades, but all of them are chosen to save you from wasting what you already have in store. You can make a cute garland of hearts to brighten up a room, or knit a penguin toy for a new baby. Perhaps you'd like to make all sorts of cozies, or knit storage pots and a pencil case. Or you could choose to make a cute cottage doorstop using colors that match your own house. And once you've reduced the size of your stash, what better excuse could you have to go out and buy more yarn!
Item no. 33783
Author: Fiona Goble
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 25 Projects - 96 Pages