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Knitter's Almanac
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Knitter's Almanac presents the full scope of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s tireless imagination through a year’s worth of projects, fitted to the seasons, moods and needs of knitters who would like to design their own work. The year begins with an Aran sweater, and proceeds to February baby things, a March Shetland sweater, April blanket, May mittens and so on through the months culminating with December’s Hurry-up Last Minute Sweater (ever needed one of those?). All lessons come with classic Elizabeth commentary on each project, its history, ancient and modern knitting customs, and her personal views on life and knitting. She works step-by-step with the reader through each garment, also suggesting alternative methods and ideas as she goes. This book will provide at the very least a year’s worth of knitting pleasure and at the very best will infect you with Elizabeth’s contagious passion for knitting.

To the Unsure Knitter,
to the Blind Follower,
to all those who do not yet know
that they can design their own knitting,
this book
is encouragingly dedicated.
- EZ
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Author: Elizabeth Zimmermann
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 12 projects—150 pages